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U.I.S. is a Holyoke, Massachusetts based private investigation company.
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United Investigative Services: Full Service Investigation Firm in Holyoke, MA

U.I.S. serves the citizens of Holyoke, MA for private investigation services. From the simple services to the advanced, U.I.S. is your number 1 choice for a PI in Holyoke, Massachusetts. U.I.S. has been working in Holyoke as a Holyoke MA private investigator since 1995.

U.I.S. is not just limited to Holyoke, Massachusetts... we also work in other western, Mass locations and for businesses across the state. Our clients include insurance companies, law firms, law enforcement agencies and domestic clients.

It is recommended that you contact us for a consultation as early as possible to help ensure results. Our Holyoke clients agree that time is a major factor and if you wait, it may interfere with data, information and results.

When looking for a PI in Holyoke, Massachusetts, try contacting United Investigative Services. We serve the citizens and businesses of Holyoke, Mass and surrounding areas.

Locate a Holyoke, MA Private Investigator to help you obtain the information you need. Whether it is a criminal case, civil case, domestic case or a fraud case, U.I.S. is on the case!

Holyoke Investigation Company Services

U.I.S. is proud to offer these Holyoke Investigation Company services to our clients.

Holyoke MA PI
  • Holyoke Private Investigator
  • Holyoke Surveillance
  • Car Accident Investigation in Holyoke
  • Holyoke People Searches
  • Auto Theft Investigation Holyoke
  • Massachusetts Worker's Compensation Fraud
  • Holyoke Insurance Fraud Investigation
  • Holyoke Divorce Case Investigations
  • Witness Investigation in Holyoke
  • Holyoke Criminal Record Searches
  • Background Checks Holyoke, MA
  • Holyoke, MA Employee Screening
  • Loss Prevention Holyoke
  • Holyoke, MA GPS Tracking
  • And More

See our full list of services: MA private investigator services.

U.I.S. is a premier Holyoke, MA private investigator company located in the Holyoke, Massachusetts area offering private investigation, civil investigator, domestic investigation, criminal detective and insurance investigator services.

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