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Here are some helpful hints on basic detective services. For more advanced techniques, it is recommended that you consult with the professionals at U.I.S.

Private Investigation Surveillance MA

Surveillance: Is about following a subject and not being seen.

  1. Never take your eyes off the subject and you will never lose them.
  2. Keep the subject in front of you at all times.
  3. Never second guess the subject.
  4. Keep a blocking car in front of you.
  5. Stay out of the subject's rear view mirrors.
Locates: You find someone by developing leads. Where do you find leads...?
  1. The town hall where the subject last lived is a good start.
  2. Run a computer search on
  3. Find people in the area with the same last name and call them.
  4. Go to the Registry of Deeds to see if the subject owns any property.
  5. Go to State Vital Statistics Dept. and check birth, marriage, and death records.
Statements: It's about gathering information about an event from a witness or participant. I have taken over 1400 statements, mostly about car accidents, car thefts, and slip fall claims. The statements involve about 100 detailed questions, which break down into the following general categories:
  1. The Intro - Get the subject's name, address, phone, job, and SS#
  2. The Event - the subject describes the what, where, when, why, and with whom
  3. Injuries, hospital, and follow-up medical treatment
  4. Witnesses
  5. The Police/Accident reports
  6. Previous accidents/thefts/insurance claims
  7. Medical history
You learn to be a private detective by making a thousand mistakes. I teach a one-on-one private investigative course for beginners. Please call me with any questions. Thank you and good luck.

Conrad Temple,

To inquire about hiring U.I.S. for MA private investigator services such as surveillance and background checks, please use the contact us page.

U.I.S. helps customers locate missing persons, find important information, discover the truth and get answers for clients across Massachusetts. U.I.S., is a Massachusetts PI company specializing in surveillance and locates.

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